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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's been a long time since I've posted anything new in my blog. I was very busy with work and things were a little hectic. Now on I'd be posting in a new blog, hope to see you folks there. Here's the link to my new blog



The iPod Touch

Friday, September 07, 2007

With the people going nuts after the iPhone, Apple’s next generation iPod’s looks are so like the iPhone. Infact for a moment when you look at it you would probably mistake it for the iPhone. The iPod touch was unveiled on the 5th of Sep 2007 & would be available in the US Markets by the 28th of September.

So looking more at what the iPod Touch got to offer?

The storage, it comes in two variants of 8GB & 16GB, Internally it uses Flash as the Storage Media.

The iPod Touch supports Wifi i.e. IEEE 802.11b/g. (Wonder why don’t people start having WiMax Support instead)

There have reports that the device supports Bluetooth, The reason why it’s not been issued as part of the specification is that the FCC has approved only the Wifi for this device. Probably the Hardware support for Bluetooth is available & would be activated in future software updates. ( Hacker’s got one thing now to start looking into )

The browser, Safari :-) That’s trademark Apple, I Hope it’s the patched version & not the one that was part of the initial releases of the iPhone.

The User Interface is a ditto of the iPhone, touch screen. Like the iPhone, it includes a physical home button separate from the touch screen. The home screen includes a list of buttons corresponding to the available applications: Music, Videos, Photos, iTunes on the bottom button row, and Safari, YouTube, Calendar, Contacts, Clock, Calculator, and Settings in the top.

The iPod Touch does have a drawback when the comparison is done on storage, but that’s because of the limitations in the flash memory. With Toshiba coming out with 32GB, it should not be long before we see the IPod Touch with similar or larger storage capabilities.

On the whole seems like a welcome break from the typical iPod which has been around for so long.


Google Sky

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Google Earth’s got something more !!!! It’s got the Sky in it too. The Latest Version of Google earth has a feature for you to look at the sky like never before.

You can look at a million different galaxies, constellations, stars, planets and lot more. Google has incorporated this new feature inside Google earth itself, so downloading the latest version of Google earth should give you on breath taking journey into the universe.

Google claims that it has not started this project to make money, but rather because some of it’s engineers were interested in this project. They have put together over a million different pictures to form the viewing experience that we wouldn’t forget in a hurry. The source of these images … Academia’s, Research Institutes & Space Agencies.

With about a hundred million stars and two hundred million galaxies, Sky in Google Earth lets you explore the heavens like never before.

So sit back, relax and let yourself glide through the Cosmos. Three cheers for Google. :-)

Have a look at this video, to experience more :-) Source Youtube

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